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Vagueness has been a condition of the summer.

Summer of


Vagueness may continue as a learning policy.
Aims will be clarified later.

DrJoUK suggests using the term 'fuzzy logic' rather than 'vagueness'

See tutorial

"Expert systems have been the most obvious recipients of the benefits of fuzzy logic, since their domain is often inherently fuzzy. Examples of expert systems with fuzzy logic central to their control are decision-support systems, financial planners, diagnostic systems for determining soybean pathology, and a meteorological expert system in China for determining areas in which to establish rubber tree orchards [14]. Another area of application, akin to expert systems, is that of information retrieval [9]. "

Radio Vague is the broadcast point for sound,

Billy Wilder page of PDFs discovered

Lost weekend on TCM

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Screenshot from attempting to find out if there was anything happening in Bristol tonight, Wednesday.

Presumably there are some techies who understand what this means in terms of what they can listen to.