On Thursday 9th September there was a sustained check on the actual state of 'wi-fi Exeter'.

A full report follows next week. The main conclusion is that the technology works, but is not widely understood. So there is little use being made of it. During Alt-C (14-16 Sept) there should be wi-fi in the Peter Chalk building so we will try to discuss the issues around learning and wi-fi . Details available at Life Bytes, 24 Paris Street where there is also web access on the desktop.

Keep Scrolling Down
Freespot in the Southgate Hotel
definitely works.

Speed about minimum for broadband, almost half a meg.

Just out of interest, we did check if you could access wi-fi outside the Southgate. You can't, but there was a signal from the Barcelona. You need a password to log on, ask at reception.

(Previously we had no idea that the Barcelon offered wi-fi)

There was also a check in the White Hart.

No signal at all, but then they never claimed there would be.

Signal ok from the BT phonebox. But not very comfortable. The table has gone as the fish and chip shop has closed. We decided against investing £6 for further tests.
IT Box in City Gate has signal ok. Decided against spending £6 in cash for one hour. But see screenshot below. This would work. As on other occasions, there was nobody else trying this. However, City Gate has a logo on the door, rare sign of promotion.
Test near the Phoenix and Central Library.

No signal at all but we met someone with a data projector.

NEXT WEEK, WI-FI in the Peter Chalk Centre. Not sure when. Check at Life Bytes. 24 Paris Street.