Rougemont Global Broadcasting to be continued

Update October 2007.

There are now groups on YouTube for Exeter TV and Rougemont Global Broadcasting. These will link to other sources.

Broadband is now assumed as normal. Joost works fine at Life Bytes. Google ads ok, code works and the results are roughly relevant. Exeter TV now working through YouTube. Cable and satellite may follow.

My own main interest remains in PDF. The bandwidth for this is now more than enough.

Over the winter 2007/8 a likely project is around the icerink. There are already a couple of photographs.

There is an outline of a possible series on digital animation. Follows a Google Doc version. This links to another doc on Sundown. These docs can be edited online so please let me know if you would likel an invite to do so. The idea is to build up links and material and eventually edit some actual TV, maybe four one hour sections.

There is also a proposal for a short film based on Sundown that might be suitable for the world of short film although it would also look like a demo at times.

Animex has been updated with more links to digital animation. Local artist Paul Gillard has put a Flash version online of a music video. The track is called 'Touch' by PublicSymphony. This is getting towards online video even if this is a short. Last year we did an interview with Paul when he was working at the Phoenix on workshops. A version may appear on Exeter Television later or at Life Bytes.

There was also an interview with Kris Sum about and the demoscene. This is now available through Google Video, where almost any content can be loaded. Previously there was a sound only version.

sound interview with Kris Sum about
ogg 12meg
mp3 6meg
Explanation at AnimX

Meanwhile here are some links. Scroll down for a proposal.

Radio Vague

(There is also Vague TV )

Psand are working with Bristol Wireless on open source and also streams of jazz etc. from the Chelsea, a pub in Bristol.

There is now a SHOP for Alpha CDs etc. So things are heading to wards viable maybe.

NEW in 2007, Xstream broadcast from VennFestival, Bristol. More in November.

The Phoenix Arts Centre continues to have evening showings of short films. We now have a way to show Quicktime downloads on a fairly big screen.

I try out real time conversation versions of these pages at the Globe, Exeter.

Paul Gillard now has a website at . At the moment there are streams in Flash Video. The actual podmovies may turn up later. During Animated Exeter 2005 Paul's work on DVD was shown on plasma at the Panasonic shop. The podmovies site is definitely working ok for the 85% plus of browsers with Flash.

Will Pollard

meanwhile students at Exeter University are actually doing something

XTV seems to work ok

During 2008 there will be discussion with Exeter TV about distribution. Pages will be modified to prepare for this, including the OhmyNews conference from 2006 and a meeting about Networked Journalism. more

From November 05
Sound sample, 45 sec
Interview with
Jo Gedrych

"Is this a good time to be in television?"




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