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Life Bytes is now open.
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How to find Life Bytes on Sidwell Street

Internet Express
This website continues online the idea of an internet café in Exeter. Think of it as a backup should LifeBytes vanish one day. (Photos from a previous Life Bytes) Internet Express was an actual cyber cafe in Exeter some time ago (previous site). By the way, Hyperactive still there online.

There are now some notes on possibilities, in need of an update.
See also theory at

Wi-Fi Exeter
A site continues to explore the Intel study that stated Exeter is a centre for wifi. There is also a blog.

A digital fringe for animated Exeter.

continues on blogs
There was a proposal to develop Rougemont Castle as an internet resource. In a more virtual world, this became Rougemont Global Broadcasting (RGB)

RGB works closely with Exeter TV currently develops scripts around AnimX and Sidmouth as an example of folk performance.

There will probably be discussion on distribution during 2008. There are links to the OhmyNews Citizen Reporters' Forum from 2006 and 2007.

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